Indian Sex Stories Naughty Fun With My College Friend Anamika

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    Naughty Fun With My College Friend Anamika

    Hi, again my friends. I, secret admirer am back with my experience to the world of pleasure. You know about me. You can check my previous story here. I have moved to pune. So anyone woman, girl if looking for fun can mail me on [email protected] Let’s start with my experience.

    Like I told you guys before I was single again. I missed the pleasure I was receiving from girlfriend. But was only satisfying by masturbating. I had completed my school during break up and was looking for colleges and admissions. I was eagerly waiting for enjoying the college life. So I got admission in nearby college. I attended the first day of college with great enthusiasm to see the girls but was more depressed because majority of the girls of my class were not what I was expecting. The seniors were beautiful. I was disappointed because only few girls were hot but competition was more. So I lost hope. College started, I was interacting with everyone.

    Lemme introduce you to the heroine of the story. Let’s call her anamika. She was short, sweet and humble. I was attracted to her from day 1. I was an average student but was also interested in other activities which also highlighted me in teachers eyes (also banged my punjabi biology ma’am but that is for another time). As I was saying anamika was also attracted to me. We used to hang out a lot. That made us get closer. I used to visit her home. Her parents knew me so it was ok. We used to go for movies, sitting besides, rubbing hands. I knew she too wanted me but is shy to tell.

    Once there was a function at her village and her parents had to attend it. Anamika stayed back stating some college studies. She informed me and told me to come at her house for studying. I was super excited, but was taking steps cautiously. She was short but was fair, 32c firm white breasts and a slightly bigger ass which was enough to raise dicks. So on decided date I cleaned my pubic hair and went to her house with a packet of chocolate flavored dotted condom, because she loves chocolates ;-). I ringed the doorbell, as soon as she opened the door I was awestruck, she was wearing a black shorts above her knees and a white top. I kept on staring and she patted my head and asked me to come in with a grin. I had visited her place several times but never seen her in such shorts. I understood the game but still wanted to see what she does. I saw she was wearing a blue netted bra.

    I told her “you look gorgeous today”. She asked “don’t I look gorgeous every day ??” and I said “ but today you look hot and so much sexy” I thought she will be angry but she smiled. We started studying but neither she nor me were in mood of studying. Our arms were rubbing each other. I could feel my heartbeats n I placed my hands on her hands. She stopped moving but didn’t resist me so I moved her face to me and kissed her. She started responding immediately. We were on sofa and she pushed me back n came on top of me. We were kissing like mad for a long time. I didn’t wanna waste my chance so I pushed my hands under her top from back and felt her bare back. It was very smooth. She asked to move to bedroom. We didn’t break the kiss while going to bedroom. I pushed her on bed and again started kissing her with my hands on her breasts above bra. I removed her t-shirt.

    I wanted her to see in her inners so did not remove bra. I was playing with her belly and navel with my hands. I removed her shorts. She was wearing matching shorts. She was ready for it I guess. Now I started kissing her ears and neck. She started moaning so I got her weak pts. Now I moved to her breasts. I sucked the area besides aerola. It was exciting her more. She kept pushing my head to nipples. Finally I sucked it. She was shivering. I placed my hands on her panties. She was wet liked it was dipped in water. She started removing my clothes and stripped me naked. She was playing with my dick and started going down. I got excited. She rolled foreskin back, kissed the tip and started sucking.

    She first sucked the tip and then started to take more. I was enjoying after long time. After some time I was going to cum. I told her she started sucking more hard and I finally came in her mouth. She said she liked the taste and drank it and ordered me to return the favor. I was pleased to do so. I removed her panty n started kissing her legs and proceeded to glory hole. She was already very wet, traced her clit and started sucking it. She was moaning again, after some time she pushed me deeper I knew she was coming and she exploded. We were exhausted but not content. We were cuddling and my dick started raising again. I took out the packet of condom and she smiled. Wore the condom placed it on entrance and started pushing. It was tight but after some time it went in. She was not a virgin but she too was in action after a long time. I started with deep slow strokes, kissing her lips, ears, neck.

    She was moaning hard again. After a while I gained pace and started penetrating faster. She was gonna orgasm twice while fucking and she held me tight. I too was gonna cum and we came at same time. We got fresh and cuddled for some time. It had been 4 hours since we had been fucking and I needed to get home. I enjoyed more with her which I will post again.

    So I am signing off now. Mail me on [email protected] Anyone from pune interested will see how it goes.


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