Indian Sex Stories Fucking Married Neighbour Sujatha

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    Fucking Married Neighbour Sujatha

    Hi, friends, I’m madhu (real name) and I’m back with my new story, after “me and my elder virgin sister lavanya” which is yet to be posted. Girls and aunties around hyderabad feel free to ping me at [email protected]

    Talking about me I’m a six feet tall guy with semi muscular body (sports guy) with fair complexion and attractive since my childhood. I’m a horny guy, who always thinks about sex. I used to masturbate a lot and that made me fuck my neighbour sujatha.

    Talking about her she is a good-looking 5.5 feet tall, curvy married women, she looks milkish in colour with big ass and round boobs. She has a child of 2 years old, and she used to live in the same house we live in, she lives with her husband and child in the first floor and me with my family lives in the ground. She used to be very jovial and mixed up without family, as they don’t have any relatives at our place. Sujatha used to spend most of the time at our home.

    This incident happened when I completed my eamcet and waiting for my results. Being a horny guy, I used to masturbate a lot since my 7th standard. I used to masturbate in the bathroom and I even used to masturbate in the internet centres watching porn. My house is located in the corner of a slum, the terrace used to have a great view of the temporary bathrooms of the slum people. I used to secretly peep into those bathrooms regularly and used to masturbate looking at the naked women when they are having a bath.

    One day I was masturbating pulling my shorts just a little looking at a women bathing when I was about to cum I heard a voice calling me “ madhu”. I pulled up my shorts and covered my dick with my hand and turned back and was scared to see sujatha aunty. She didn’t ask anything about what is doing on the terrace in such a hot sun?? Or why did you kneel down with your shorts pulled down?? Because she knew everything, and she pretended as if she didn’t see anything. But she caught me having a tent in my short which became wet at some places due to the cum. I stood silent, and she told that she came up to check the level of water in the tank so that she can switch off the electric motor. I climbed the ladder and checked the water level and told her to switch off the motor as the tank is full. I ran down fastly and was tensed all the day that she would tell my mother everything happened.

    Luckily she didn’t and I’m safe. After 1 week I came out after playing my game and saw sujatha aunty in serious conversation with my mother. I went inside and sujatha aunty smiled at me and gave a different look at my shorts. I went into my room and closed the door and was hearing secretly.

    Sujatha: my husband is going to visakhapatnam for a three days office project and I’m scared to sleep alone, please send madhu to sleep in my house

    My mom: that’s ok. But why don’t sleeping in our home
    Sujatha: I can’t leave the house locked as he’ll (her husband) will call after he reaches there.

    My mom: ok fine then I’ll send madhu.

    I heard everything and remained silent as if I don’t know anything. That day after completion of dinner, my mom called and told: “ you and srini (my younger brother) go sleep in sujatha aunty’s house today as her husband is out of town”. I was shocked and felt disappointed that she is sending my brother with me.

    I and srini went there and the bed was kept ready in the hall. She didn’t talk much, but she gave a naughty stare and have a look at my shorts again. We slept in the hall as sujatha aunty and her baby slept in the bedroom. After some time I was waiting for srini to sleep, as she was coming out for water or something other to the hall. I was about to check srini whether he is asleep, but he suddenly called me “madhu I can’t sleep here as I’m scared, I’ll go down and sleep beside dad like regularly”. I felt happy and told to go, and he asked me to drop him at our door as it was dark. I went down and dropped him at the door and came back running. Surprisingly when I came back she is at the door and invited me in and asked about srini, I told everything, and she gave a naughty look at me and locked the door. I was walking to my bed on the floor which she arranged and suddenly she said “ will you drink milk” as I turned back she switched off the light. It’s completely dark and I couldn’t see her. But I am feeling her coming closer, she came to my ears and whispered: “ will you drink milk”. I didn’t understand what she is asking and in a confusion, I said: “yes, I’ll”.

    Sujatha: which milk do you want?
    I understood that something is going to happen as she never talked to me like that.
    Me: which milk means?

    Sujatha: the packet ones or the dairy ones.?
    Me: oh.! Anything is ok.

    She asked me to sit here and went inside and came with a glass of milk in 4-5 minutes. The most confusing, exciting minutes of my life. She came and told me to come to the bedroom as I was alone, we can sleep on either side of the bed, with the baby between us.
    It was all dark in the room and I sat on the bed, she came to me and her hands were searching for mine, and she intentionally came to my face and pinched my cheeks and kept the glass in my hands. I kept drinking it to complete it fast and suddenly she stopped me and took the glass from my hands and said won’t you give some to me? She drank the remaining and I’m now confirmed that it’s going to be a dream night. We slept on the opposite sides of the bed. And there was a dead silence in the room. She broke the silence calling me.
    Sujatha: madhu…

    Me: ha aunty.
    Sujatha: what were you doing that day on the terrace?
    I was shocked to listen to her question and was afraid to answer.
    Me: nothing aunty I was casually playing around.
    Sujatha: don’t talk like a kid, playing on the terrace in the hot sun, that to pulling your shorts down?

    I am done with acting and became silent.
    Sujatha: ok.! Then fine let’s play together now.

    All of a sudden I could feel her close to me, and she kept her hand on my hand. A 10000 volts current passed through me and I remained silent. But we both locked out fingers, it was the horniest moment. Just with a lock of fingers, I became horny and my dick became like a rod is no gap. I have decided not to act innocent anymore and turned her went close to her lips but didn’t kiss her. Our lips were just 0.05 mm (engineering student) far from each other. She was waiting for me to kiss her but I didn’t move forward, she started to come towards me and I just teased her by moving back. She is breathing heavy and asked with a shivering and lustful voice “ please kiss me”, without letting her complete that sentence I took her lips into my mouth.

    We kissed like english movie actors for almost 15-20 minutes without a break. She took my hand and placed it on her boobs from the top of her saree, if thought for a moment and took her hand and placed it on my dick. She started kissing more vigorously and stroked my dick from the top of my shorts. It’s continued for a while suddenly I broke the kiss and asked where is the kid. She said that she left him on the other room bed.

    The way she used to look and now the way she is kissing me, I asked her you don’t look like this romantic and asked his uncle the reason behind it. She said not to bring her husband’s topic in middle. And started kissing me all again and I know she’ll search for my dick. So I pulled down my shorts, and she kept her hand on my dick and suddenly broke the kiss and said it’s thick and perfect. I don’t want to waste time please give it into my mouth. Till then, I don’t know indian women that too south indian women love to suck dick. She went down and started to suck my dick with all her mouth, I love the sounds women make while sucking dick especially in porn. She is making those sounds and sucking it really well.

    I used to take out my dick out whenever I felt like cumming. She kept on sucking it for almost 20 minutes and suddenly started removing her saree, and she said she doesn’t want to waste time and asked me “ please let’s have sex”. I helped her in removing her saree, and she removed my t-shirt and completely pulled down my short. Her boobs are too whitish that I could see them even in such darkness, she has light pink nipples and I kept sucking them alternatively one after other. She became really horny and was pleading me “it’s enough now please fuck me”. I said I’ll fuck her only if she asks me in sluttiest voice, she then with her most seductive voice “ please fuck my sluttish pussy with your dick”. I didn’t let her complete that and pushed her legs wide and slowly started to insert my thick dick into her pussy.

    She then requested me to insert it slowly as my dick my thick. It took time to get in as her pussy is really tight, I said that your pussy is really tight when did u have sex last time. She said 2 years ago with a dull voice. To get her out of sadness I pushed my dick hard suddenly. She was back to our moments with a moan “awhhhhhh” and started feeling it. I fucked her in the missionary position for a while, and then she said that she loves dick riding. So we changed the position, and she rode my cock really well. Her huge ass is making “ thupp thupp” sound that made hornier and I slapped her ass, and she used to like it a lot.

    Later I made her sleep facing the bed and kept two pillows below her pussy such that her ass raises up to my dick. I banged her hard in that position for a while, and I was about to cum. I said I was about to cum and asked her to take it in the mouth. She said “ please not in the mouth… Fill my pussy with your love juice.” although I was scared in the beginning I fucked her with great speed and filled her pussy.

    We both went to the bathroom to clean up and switched the light on, and she kept her head down with shy and I caught her chin and kissed her. She went down again and cleaned my dick by sucking it. While bathing, I saw her body turned red in places especially her ass, boobs and neck. Later we had sex 3 times a day for that week and enjoyed a lot before her husband came.

    Hope you guys loved my story if you like it please share your views with my mail. And especially girls and aunties around hyderabad please feel free to express your views to my mail [email protected]

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